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Vision of public transit

What is our 2020 vision of metropolitan public transit?

Make it easier to get around and improve the quality of life of Greater Montréal citizens.

What is our goal?

Work together for more rapid, frequent, simple, user-friendly, accessible and diversified public transit services.

Jointly with its partners, the AMT develops the short-, medium- and long-term initiatives necessary to deploy the 2020 vision, with a view to innovation and sustainable development. Every initiative is analyzed to improve mobility across the metropolitan territory and takes into account the three following strategic objectives:

  • Objective 1: Easier trips for our customers
    By promoting sustainable modes to access metropolitan facilities as well as by improving the integration of various public transit services

  • Objective 2: Public transit for a better quality of life
    By aiming for the optimal integration of facilities and infrastructure and by contributing to implementing a global and multimodal electrification strategy

  • Objective 3: A rapid, multi-modal metropolitan transit network
    By maintaining and developing high-performance metropolitan public transit services and infrastructure

Strategic metropolitan transport development plan

In compliance with its incorporating act, the AMT must draft a Strategic metropolitan transport development plan over a period of ten years. The plan is adjusted annually and reviewed every five years.

In 2012, the AMT's Strategic plan ‒ Vision 2020 was approved by the Montréal Metropolitan Community and adopted by the Quebec Minister of Transportation. The vision of mobility it defines aims to make commuting easier and improve quality of life.

Three-year capital expenditures program

In accordance with its incorporating act, the AMT must prepare a Three-year capital expenditures program (CEP) every year. This program details capital expenditures as well as funding mode. The CEP is divided into five programs that reflect the AMT's key areas for action: simplified mobility, the metro network and other track-based modes, the metropolitan bus network, the commuter rail network and mitigation measures.