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On the road to sustainable development!

In addition to our role as planner and operator of the commuter rail and metropolitan bus networks, we undertake various actions to promote sustainable development in Greater Montréal:

  • Promote public transport
  • Propose alternative solutions to the use of single-occupant cars
  • Support environmental and social causes
  • Adopt sustainable development principles as a pledge signatory of the International Union of Public Transport's (IUPT) Charter on Sustainable Development

Sustainable development policy

Adopted in 2008 by the board of directors, our sustainable development policy has allowed us to specify our organizational stakes and objectives, en tenant taking into account the fact that the environmental, economic and social dimensions are not dissociable.

The internal Sustainable Development Committee, which is comprised of one representative from each administrative unit developed an action plan and is working on its deployment.

Sustainable development action plan

Our first action plan was published in 2009. Covering a five-year horizon, it serves to:

  • Analyser our practices and mobilize our employees to position the RTM as a leader in sustainable mobility
  • Respect the 12 organizational targets set out in our policy, and which are in keeping with the principles of the Sustainable Development Act

In 2013, it was renewed until March 31, 2015, and thus promotes:

  • The integration of two new actions: one pertaining to employee health and the other supports the objectives of Agenda 21 for Quebec culture
  • Adhesion to the objectives of the governmental strategy to ensure the occupation and vitality of Quebec regions

We maintain ongoing efforts to integrate more aspects of sustainable development in our activities.