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FAQ - Network accessibility

Can't find your question listed below? Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 514 287-8726 or fill out the contact form.

  1. Where do I find information on para-transit?

    Para-transit is a public transit service for disabled persons and those with reduced mobility. While the RTM does not offer para-transit services as such, it plays a leadership and coordination role for para-transit in Greater Montréal. Discover the RTM's role, our Programme d’aide métropolitain, the contact information of the various para-transit agencies and all the useful information to make getting around easier by clicking here.

  2. Are trains accessible to persons with reduced mobility?

    Most train stations are wheelchair accessible, but there isn't always a ramp to access the train easily. It is therefore important to check the accessibility to the various services of your station when planning your trips. Consult this page to find out more.

  3. Are strollers accepted on trains?

    Of course, strollers are allowed on trains! However, please note that there are no access ramps to facilitate boarding. During the trip, please do not obstruct the passage of customers or train crew members with your stroller.

  4. Can I bring my dog on the train?

    If your dog is a guide dog, no problem! As for pets, only those weighing less than 10 kg can be brought on trains under certain conditions.

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