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FAQ - Rules and standards of behaviour

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  1. What standards of behaviour must be respected?

    Civic-mindedness has its place in public transport: behaving appropriately is a question of common sense! Read all the details in the Travelling 101 - Safety section.

  2. What are the RTM's rules?

    Under the Act respecting the Réseau du transport métropolitain (R-25.01), several rules were enacted. To find out more, click here.

  3. What is the honour payment system?

    The honour payment system means that each commuter train user must have a valid pass before entering control areas (railway platforms or on board trains). Failure to comply renders the offender liable to a fine.

  4. I received a statement of offence. How do I pay it? How do I contest it?

    If you are found to be in violation, through your behaviour or by failing to present a valid transit pass or ticket, an inspector will give you a statement of offence. You have 30 days to pay the fine or contest. If the time limit for payment is not met, the payment will be marked up according to the delay.


    Payment within the prescribed time limit can be made at any financial institution, as well as online at, by mail (Bureau des infractions et des amendes, 1200, route de l’Église, Sainte-Foy, QC, J1V 4X1), by telephone (1  877- 263-6337), or at one of the regional offices of the Bureau des infractions et des amendes (see the list at


    If you wish to respond to the charge, you must forward it to the ministère de la Justice – Bureau des infractions et amendes in writing at 1200, route de l’Église, Sainte-Foy, QC, J1V 4X1. For information, contact the Bureau des infractions et amendes at 1 877-263-6337.