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Mobile applications

We propose a variety of mobile applications that will make getting around Greater Montréal easier.

This regularly updated directory lists the main public and alternative transportation applications, many of which use RTM data. Come back often and save precious time planning your trips.

Applications that use RTM data

Logo Chrono (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
iOS and Android

All the necessary information on bus, metro and train. Schedules available at all times. Display the position of bus stops, metro and train stations near you.

Logo Transit App (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
iOS and Android 
Schedules and routes (bus, metro and commuter train) for many North-American cities. Trip planner.
Logo Transit Montreal (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Transit Montreal
Greater Montréal public transit schedules (bus, metro and commuter train). Metro and commuter train network maps.
Logo Moovit (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
iOS and Android
Real-time traffic information for various modes of public transport  (train, bus, metro).
Logo Rail Montréal (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Google maps
iOS and Android
One of the best known itineraries planners!

Public transit applications

Logo STL (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Laval bus schedules. Consult next bus passages at your strop in real time. Alerts in the event of detours along your route.
Logo Mon Transit (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Buses, subways and trains schedules (off-line & real-time). Availability of bike stations. Alerts and latest news from transport agencies.
Logo Montréal Métro & Bus (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Montréal Métro & Bus
Montréal schedules (bus, metro). Location of metro stations and bus stops near your position.
Logo METRO: Montréal (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
METRO: Montréal
Map of Montréal metro lines. Look up stations by name, line and proximity to your geographic position.

Utility applications

Logo Bixi (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
iOS and Android
Real-time data on the number of bikes available at every Bixi station in Montréal, Ottawa/Gatineau and Toronto.
Logo Cartes Vélos (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Cartes Vélos 
Detailed maps of bike paths in Quebec and around the world. Possibility of obtaining routes and saving your routes.
(ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre) Logo Navicone
Information on roadwork in Montréal and on Quebec roads. Identifies when it is necessary to take public transit.
Logo Waze (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Real-time car traffic data. Share and receive alerts about events along your route.
Logo AutoMobile (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Location information and indication as to the autonomy of self-service electric cars (on the Plateau Mont-Royal) in real time.
Program alarms so you can nap when using public transit and be alerted just before arriving at your destination.
Logo Tag Taxi (ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre)
Tag Taxi 
iOS and Android
Taxi assigned by geolocation. Customize the requested service: payment method, type of vehicle, animals, etc.




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