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Safety: We care about you!

Every day, we do our best to ensure you get around safely. Be careful!


Take the following precautions on platforms and near railway tracks.



Be vigilant

The trains are quiet and can arrive from both directions. Always face the railway tracks.


Stay behind the yellow line

Keep a safe distance from the yellow safety line. Cross over it only to board the train once it has come to a complete stop at the station.


Respect the gate

Respect the safety gate. You can cross at level crossings once the gates are up and the lights are no longer flashing.


Cross at the designated areas

Cross the railway tracks only at the clearly marked areas. When there are no trains at the station, you can cross at the designated areas.


Take the following precautions at terminals and bus stops :




Stop, look and listen

Be sure to stop, look and listen before approaching a bus bay. Buses can come from many directions—be careful!


Cross carefully

Cross only in the designated areas. Pedestrian crossings are marked by signs for your safety.



Do not cross in front of a bus

Be sure to make eye contact with the driver; otherwise, wait until the bus has left its stop.


Do not run after a bus

There will always be another one—your safety is more important than the time you might save.





In the Event of Infringement

Persons found to be in violation, due to their conduct or failure to present a valid transit pass, will receive a statement of offence.


Rules and standards of behaviour


Safety: A Job for Professionals

The mission of agents and inspectors is to ensure the security of RTM users, employees, facilities and operations at all times. They are trained to respond in emergency situations and help users when the need arises.


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