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OPUS+ entreprise membership: information for employers

Does an employer need to make an additional financial contribution to the program in order to participate?

  • No. The RTM and its partners automatically offer a monthly discount of 8.33%. However, we encourage employers to supplement this discount. If employers choose to contribute to the program financially, they may adjust the amount of their contribution at any time within the established dates.


Are employers and employees eligible for tax credits or deductions?

  • Yes, employers (private sector) that provide a mass transit pass to their employees or who reimburse the cost of the pass are entitled to deduct 100% of the expense from their business income, according to Revenu Québecregulations.
  • When an employer supplements the RTM discount, the amount absorbed by the employer is not taxable by Revenu Québec.


How can employers become a member of the OPUS+ entreprise program?

  • Employers must complete the online membership form.
  • Send two original copies of the duly completed and signed agreement by mail.
  • Allow five business days for the account to be activated.
  • Employers will then receive an identification code to distribute to their employees, who will fill out their own membership applications in turn.
  • Employers must then validate employee membership requests. Employees may subscribe directly through the RTM Website. There will be no contractual obligation between employers and employees.
  • Employers may access their account online at any time to track the number of subscribed employees, the total payable each month, etc.
  • Employers may contact RTM Customer Service at any time for personalized support throughout the length of the membership.


What payment methods are accepted?

Employers that offer a supplemental discount may choose from the following three payment methods:

  • Automatic debit from a bank account
  • Automatic charge to a credit card
  • Invoice

Payments will be processed automatically between the 20th and 25th day of each month.


For more information

Contact our Customer Service.


The OPUS + and OPUS + entreprise subscriptions are offered by ARTM in collaboration with the RTM. The RTM Customer Service will answer all your questions.

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