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Main ongoing projects.

  1. The Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre is on the site of the former Canadian National shops; this site’s rail roots go back to the 19th century.
  2. We continue to expand our network of park-and-ride facilities! Several spaces were added in many parking lots in the framework of road congestion mitigation measures.
  3. 250 km of reserved lanes by 2020 in Greater Montréal: that's the RTM's goal! Discover our ongoing projects.
  4. The provision of three elevators in the building housing the Terminus Centre-ville will enable people with reduced mobility to move around independently between the terminal, Bonaventure metro station and De la Gauchetière Street.
  5. The integrated Pie-IX BRT project will provide an efficient, reliable, comfortable and safe bus rapid transit (BRT) service along Pie-IX Boulevard in eastern Laval and Montréal.
  6. This service, developed as a pilot project, has been offered since July 1, 2014 in 5 park-and-ride lots. In each of the targeted facilities, 10 to 20% of the spaces are subject to paid parking.