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Nouvelle gare du Canal - EN

Gare du Canal

A new station will be commissioned on the Candiac line starting January 16, 2017. Du Canal station, situated in Lachine between the Montréal-Ouest and LaSalle stations, will allow motorists to avoid traffic congestion near the Turcot exchange construction site and get to downtown Montréal faster.

Train schedule

Experience all the advantages of commuting by train from Du Canal station

  • Access to downtown in 20 minutes
  • Around 150 parking spaces
  • 96.32% of trains on the Candiac line are on time**
  • Dedicated space for Candiac line users who want to travel in peace and quiet
  • Served by the 90, 191, 195 and 356 bus lines

Available at Du Canal station

  • Customer information centre with dynamic display screens
  • Ticket office and fare validator at the parking lot entrance
  • Two concrete platforms with stairs
  • Shelter, railings, tactile paving and lighting


TRAIN fares Zone 1 Regular fare Reduced fare
Single ticket $4,00 $2,50
6-ticket booklet $16,00 $9,50
Monthly fares $80,00 $48,00


Sneak peek at the new Du Canal station!




  • Commencement of work: June 2016
  • Commissioning: January 16, 2017
  • This station was 100% financed by the Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports (MTMDET) as part of public transit road congestion mitigation measures.


* Tickets are valid for one month. Certain conditions apply (English version available upon request).
** Average punctuality from January to October 2016.