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Pie-IX bus rapid transit service (BRT)

Pie-IX Boulevard is one of the largest and busiest thoroughfares in Montréal. Used by nearly 60,000 motorists at the Pie-IX Bridge and by 40,000 public transport users every day, the boulevard cuts across the island from south to north, and connects Montréal to eastern Laval. This major traffic corridor must be adequately and efficiently served by a structured and integrated public transport service.

Information meetings (May 2016) :

Invitation to citizens and residents (French only)

Invitation to shopkeepers (French only)

Plan for the Pie-IX (BRT)

Place your cursor on the plan for more details.

Parcours du SRB Pie-IX


More than a reserved lane

This Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be a true metropolitan public transport service. Developed in a corridor reserved exclusively for buses, it will offer its users—primarily commuters from Montréal, Laval and the North-Shore (Montréal)—a safe, rapid, comfortable, reliable, universally accessible and intermodal service that will connect with the green metro line and the Mascouche commuter rail line.

The Pie-IX BRT will include:

  • 11 km of reserved lanes (9 km in Montréal and 2 km in Laval)
  • 17 stations (15 in Montréal and 2 in Laval)
  • A park-and-ride lot planned in Laval, containing more than 750 spaces

The safe and with-flow median busways will be in operation at all times.


With a trip frequency comparable to the metro, this new infrastructure will reduce the travel time of public transport users by 10 minutes between Henri-Bourassa Boulevard and Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue.

Unique stations 

The Pie-IX BRT stations differ greatly from traditional bus stops in terms of their vocation (with the honour payment system), the size of station facilities (for use with articulated buses), and the equipment they will feature. Generally installed on the central median of Pie-IX Boulevard, each station facility will simultaneously accommodate about a 100 people and will include three distinct zones: a customer information zone, a fare vending machine and a pre-boarding fare validation zone.  Each station will feature two shelters, one in each direction. Their design will permit users to board via the three different bus doors, thereby reducing stop times and ensuring efficient service.

The station configuration includes:

  • A fare vending machine
  • A fare validator
  • A variable message sign that displays bus schedules in real time
  • Concrete guard rails with railings on each side of the station
  • A fence on the median strip, pedestrian push buttons for crosswalks, and wide pedestrian crossings set back from the intersection
  • Coloured asphalt and the signage required to distinguish the reserved lane

An integrated project 

The integrated Pie-IX BRT project includes three components developed jointly with municipal partners and the Montréal and Laval transport agencies (STM and STL), as well as Urbis (MRC Les Moulins).

  1. Public transport
  2. Infrastructure repair
  3. Public property improvement

As such, the implementation of the Pie-IX BRT will be an opportunity to refurbish the underground and road system infrastructures and beautify Pie-IX Boulevard. Installing new lighting, new sidewalks and high-quality street furniture, while developing wider median strips and planting numerous trees, will make a lasting improvement on this major boulevard.

The Pie-IX BRT will be a truly essential mode of metropolitan transportation, one that will revitalize a major arterial road connecting Montréal and Laval.