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Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre

Follow the progress of the construction work in pictures

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre is on the site of the former Canadian National shops; this site’s rail roots go back to the 19th century. Located less than 2 km from Central Station, it welcomes the trains that run on CN’s network from the Deux-Montagnes (electric), Mascouche (electric/diesel), and Mont-Saint-Hilaire (diesel) lines.

This 16-hectare site, where construction work began in August 2015, will also feature ultra-modern buildings and infrastructures, such as:

  • A parking area for 21 trains in an exterior garage
  • An inspection shop for two full 10-car trains and and one locomotive
  • A major repair shop for five multi-level cars, three locomotives and two sets of MR90 electric power cars
  • A wheel profiling shop
  • An automated train wash

The major project steps

  • 2011 : Development of the access road via Marc-Cantin Street
  • 2012 : Demolition of existing buildings
  • 2013 : Launch of the Request for Qualification
  • 2015 : Start of construction work

View of the future Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre

A centre that is integrated with its environment

Located at the doorstep of downtown Montréal, in a mixed industrial and residential sector, the future Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre is a model of community integration.

In terms of history:

Selected and approved by the comité consultatif d’urbanisme (CCU) (urban planning advisory committee) of the Sud-Ouest borough, the architectural concept echoes the industrial lines of the former CN shops.

The architectural integration of the buildings

A mini interpretation centre will also be integrated into the administrative building to honour the sector’s rich rail history.

In terms of employment:

Once in operation, the Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre will generate more than 170 permanent jobs, and serve as a hub for several rail industry suppliers.

A partnership agreement to promote the training of local labour in railway industry trades was also signed with the Regroupement économique et social du Sud-Ouest (RÉSO). It will be responsible for developing a training program adapted to the needs of the industry, in collaboration with the teaching institutions and work environments.

In terms of respect for neighbouring:

From the beginning of the project in 2010, the notion of good neighbourly relations has been central to the our concerns. A recognized firm was mandated to conduct an acoustic study to ensure that the maintenance centre's activities would not exceed the municipal noise standards in effect.

The study’s conclusions led us to implement tangible measures from the beginning of the centre’s construction phase:

  • A noise-abatement berm, 300 metres long and 2 to 8 metres high, consisting of an acoustic wall and a landscaped berm with bike and pedestrian access at its summit to offer a view of downtown.


Development of buttresses for the noise-abatement berm

  • An acoustic wall made of concrete and translucent panels in the extension of the berm, 7 metres high and 134 metres long, completes the measures to protect residents.
  • A truck access to the work site, and to the maintenance centre via Marc-Cantin Street, to limit traffic in residential zones.

Watch the video of the Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre