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Routes 132/134 reserved lane

This new reserved lane will improve access to the Longueuil terminus, a major intermodal infrastructure accommodating more than 13.2 million users annually.
It will reduce travel time for 5,000 users by nearly two minutes during the morning peak period, which represents approximately 41,000 hours a year. For carriers, it is estimated they can save $150,000 in annual operating expenses.

The commissioning of the new reserved lane in slated for September 2015.

Project objectives

  • Serve the needs of carriers better, more specifically the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL), the CIT Sorel-Varennes (CITSV) and the City of Sainte-Julie
  • Improve access to the Longueuil terminus for all bus lines that serve the region, including the north-eastern agglomeration of Longueuil, the city of Varennes and the municipality of Verchères
  • Ensure user safety and comfort
  • Perform the work while minimizing the impact on vehicular traffic

Plan for the reserved lane

Place your cursor on the plan for more details.

Légende du plan de la voie réservée route 132, route 134Ancien et nouveau parcours de la voie réservée route 132, route 134


For users : 

  • Nearly 41,000 hours gained a year for the 5,000 public transit users (two minutes/user during the morning rush hour)
  • Improved service punctuality and reliability

For operators : 

  • Better operating conditions for three carriers (RTL, CIT Sorel-Varennes, OMIT Sainte-Julie)
  • Reduction of 136,700 km travelled by buses per year and reduction of 1,260 operating hours a year, saving over $150,000 annually
  • Potential for operators to offer more public transport services

Work and schedule

The project consists in developing a reserved lane between the H-20/Rte 132/Rte 134 interchange and the Route 134 West off-ramp (Saint-Charles Street exit, leading to Place Charles-Le Moyne) toward the Longueuil terminus.
The reserved lane will begin on the H-20 / Rte 132 / Rte 134 interchange, with one of the two exits (exit 82) reserved exclusively for buses at all times, and will continue on the Taschereau Boulevard (Rte 134) shoulder over approximately 1 km.

Échéancier prévu :

  • Construction work: late May to August 2015
  • Testing and breaking-in of new configuration: August 2015
  • Commissioning of the reserved lane: early September 2015

Motorists are invited to consult the Québec 511site to find out how the work will hinder traffic.


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