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Sainte-Julie Terminus

The current Sainte-Julie terminus will soon be relocated to the north-east intersection of Highway 20 and chemin du Fer-à-Cheval. This new location will double the number of parking spaces to better serve the growing number of bus service customers in Sainte-Julie.
The project also includes the relocation of H-20 on-ramps (exit 102), the extension of Murano Street and Armand-Frappier Boulevard, and the development of a site reserved for the future implementation of a service company or organization. 
These improvements are part of a vast project to redevelop this part of the city. The opening of the terminus is slated for fall 2016.
More benefits for users!

  • Nearly 1,000 parking spaces
  • 6 platforms with variable message signs (VMS)
  • 3 bus layover areas
  • Improved car and bus access
  • New bike racks
  • 2 Electric Circuit charging stations
  • 10 spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility
  • 10 spaces reserved for carpooling


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Plan du nouveau terminus Sainte-Julie

Work schedule


  • Civil engineering, sewer and water supply work in the new parking lot
  • Road link improvement work: extension of Murano Street and Armand-Frappier Boulevard
  • Oversized signage work on highway 20


  • Continuation of civil engineering, sewer and water supply work in the new parking lot
  • Relocation of exit 102 on-ramps and off-ramps on Highway 20
  • Lighting and signage work
  • Asphalting work
  • Landscape architecture work
  • Opening of the new parking lot


  • Finishing and asphalting work


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