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Transport MRC de Joliette (outside ARTM territory)

The Greater Montréal bus network is serviced by the STM, STL, RTL and by twelve other carriers, including the Transport MRC de Joliette
Mobilité réduite

Reduced mobility

  • Use paratransit service offered on a door-to-door basis. Check your eligibility as well as the contact information for the paratransit service nearest you.
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  • Combine public and active transport thanks to the Greater Montréal bike path network.
  • Take advantage of BIXI bikes to get around downtown Montréal and Longueuil!
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  • Travel in numbers! The trip will seem shorter. Discover the tools to create your carpooling team.
  • Consult the list of park-and-ride facilities. Some have privileged spaces for carpoolers!
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Désolé, cette page n’est pas accessible aux lecteurs d’écran ou à tout autre dispositif d’assistance. En effet, elle contient une carte géographique présentant l’emplacement des terminus et installation intermodales.
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