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AMT Chrono: the mobile application for detailed train service status information

Before you know it

AMT Chrono is available for free for smart phones that use iOS or Android. Already more than 60 000 downloads!

This easy-to-use application lets you :

  • Track your train in real time
  • Consult schedules, even without an internet connection
  • Add up to 25 favorite departures to stay informed about service status
  • Reach the AMT's Customer Service, by telephone or Twitter
  • New ! Consult scheduled arrival times at the next stations
  • New ! AMT Chrono now uses the same account as the AMT website. Discover the benefits of having a My RTM account.



Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I merge my AMT Chrono and My AMT accounts?

    This option is only available to users who already have an AMT Chrono account before installing the latest version of the mobile application. To migrate your preferences from AMT Chrono to your My RTM account, touch the "Migrate my account" that will display when you open the application and follow the steps.

  2. Why isn't the application available for Windows and BlackBerry devices?

    According to RTM statistics, most commuter train users have iPhone or Android devices. That's why we prioritized these two versions for the launch of AMT Chrono. If demand is sufficient, versions for Windows and BlackBerry devices could be developed.

  3. Do I need a network connection to use AMT Chrono?

    No. Once installed, AMT Chrono allows you to consult planned schedules anytime. However, you need a wireless network connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi) to see the position of trains in real time on the map, and to receive service status alerts.

  4. Do I have to create an account to use the application?

    No. You can consult schedules and display the position of trains in real time by touching the "Consult the schedule without logging in" link at the bottom of the home screen. However, you must have an account to receive personalized alerts in the event of service disruptions affecting your departures.

  5. What are the benefits of creating an account My RTM?

    Thanks to My RTM, you can add favorite departures and receive a personalized train alert in case of service disruptions. In addition, you can customize your home page on our website to view the state of the service as well as the schedule of your favorite modes of transport (train, bus, subway) at a glance. Learn more about My RTM.

  6. How do I create an account?

    In the application, simply touch the "Subscribe to My RTM" button on the home screen. The other option available is to create your account online; just use your login credentials to log into the application.

  7. I forgot or want to change my password. What do I do?

    From the home screen, tap "Log me in with My RTM" then tap "Forgot your password? " at the bottom of the screen. Then follow the steps to create a new password.

  8. How do I delete my account?

    Please contact the RTM's Customer Service.

  9. How many departures can I add to my favorites?

    You can now add up to 25 favorite departures, for the stations of your choice.

  10. How do I add alerts?

  11. How do I edit my alerts?

    The white bell to the right of the departure times indicates that you already have an alert for this departure. Simply touch the white bell to deactivate the alert. If you would like to delete all your alerts, touch the preferences icon (3 small horizontal bars) in the top right corner of the application. Then touch the "Edit my alerts" button under "My alerts", then the "Supprimer toutes mes alertes" button at the bottom of the screen (scroll down if necessary).

  12. I closed the service status message. How do I make it reappear?

    Once closed, a service status message cannot reappear. If you closed the message involuntarily, close the application. The application memory will be reset and all previously closed messages will be displayed again. Add links to the processes to kill apps on iPhone and Android.

    Follow these steps to force an app to close on your smartphone:

  13. Why don't I see the train icons?

    On some older devices, the network connection (3G) may be slower. The network connection must enable a frequent screen refresh to display train positions. It is also possible that you can't see the train icons due to a loss of network.

  14. Why do the train icons move so slowly?

    The application checks the GPS position of trains every 5 seconds. Obviously, there can be a delay in the IT equipment that capture, transmit and broadcast this information for each train the AMT operates. That's why the train icons on the map move every 10 or 15 seconds.