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Chrono: bus, metro, train

A single app for your public transit travel in the Greater Montréal area.

Chrono is a mobile app available free of charge for smartphones running the iOS or Android operating systems.

Easy to use, Chrono gives you all the information you need to get around by bus, metro or train.

Chrono, the ideal trip-planning tool:

  • Consult bus, metro and train schedules anytime, even offline.
  • Track your buses and trains in real time*.
  • Quickly find information about service disruptions*.
  • Display transit line routes (buses, metros and trains).
  • Determine your planned arrival time (buses and trains).
  • Display the position of bus stops, metro stations and train stations near you.
  • Use the trip planner to find the best route.

Create your account in just seconds. You can add favourites (buses, metros and trains), see all the next arrival times at your usual stops as soon as you open the app, and customize service status notifications when the data is available*.


* When the data is available

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