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OPUS card with photo for 65 and over

Are you aged 65 or over? If so, you qualify for a reduced fare. But you have to obtain an OPUS card with photo.

From the age of 65, you are entitled to a reduced rate on mass transit fares. An OPUS card with photo, which is personal and non-transferable, is proof of your eligibility for the reduced rate. If you don’t have it with you when you travel, you will have to pay the regular fare.

Apply for your OPUS card with photo today! Just go to a metropolitan ticket office or a service centre.  

 Make sure you take the required documents with you.


 To obtain an OPUS card with photo

  • Go to a ticket office or service centre with an ID document showing your age (health insurance card, driver’s licence, birth certificate or passport).
  • Pay the $15.00 fee for issue of an OPUS card with photo.

 Your OPUS card is valid for 7 years.

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