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How do I buy my fares?

To get around using public transit, you must have a valid ticket or pass for the highest fare zone on your route and keep it with you for your entire trip.

Find the right fare

There are over 700 different types of fares to get around Greater Montréal. That's a lot! To help you find the right fare – at the best possible price – we created a new tool for you.

Find your fare


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Determine your fare zone

The metropolitan territory is divided into eight concentric zones. You must always choose the fare that corresponds to the highest fare zone on your route.

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Choose the right fare medium: OPUS or Solo card

Two types of cards allow you to get around Greater Montréal. Choose the one that’s right for you!

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Choose an OPUS+ membership

OPUS+ logo

The OPUS+ programs are public transit membership programs. They are practical and advantageous. Choose the one that meets your needs!

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OPUS en ligne

Logo OPUS en ligne

Reload your OPUS card at any time! With the OPUS card reader, you always know what fares are loaded on your OPUS card.

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Find a sales outlet

There are hundreds of sales outlets across Greater Montréal. Find the sales outlet nearest you to purchase your fares.

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