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OPUS+ membership programs

The OPUS+ programs are public transit membership programs. In other words, thanks to the OPUS+ program, your card is automatically loaded with your monthly pass for as long as you wish. It's practical and advantageous!


  • 1Save  because YOU get 1 FREE MONTH. You also get exclusive discounts from our partners Communauto and Bixi.
  • 2Plan your payments using automatic debit.
  • 3Save time   since you no longer need to wait in line to buy your pass every month!
  • 4Travel with peace of mind because your card will be replaced in the event of loss, theft or damage.
  • 5Simplify your life thanks to easy and quick online registration!


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Pour tous

For everyone

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OPUS+ entreprise

OPUS+ entreprise

Reserved for employees of participating companies.

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TRAM fares and those giving access to the RTL, RTM and STL networks are offered.



The OPUS + and OPUS + entreprise subscriptions are offered by ARTM in collaboration with the RTM. The RTM Customer Service will answer all your questions.