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  • Manage your OPUS+ membership online and make your life easier.

OPUS+ entreprise program

Ensure that your company becomes an active player for sustainable development, and sign up for the OPUS+ entreprise membership program.

About 300 employers already benefit from the program's advantages. Why not join them?

  • A monthly discount of 16.67%*  on your employees' transit passes, or the equivalent of 2 free months

Benefits for your employees:

  • Additional rebate if your company offers an extra discount; this advantage is non-taxable at the provincial level for your employees
  • No more waiting lines every month thanks to an OPUS card valid all year long
  • A free OPUS card when employees sign up and a replacement guarantee in the event of loss, theft or damage**

** Only the $6 cost of replacing your OPUS card is required.

Benefits for your company:

  • Mobilize and retain your employees through your commitment
  • Obtain fiscal deductions (provincial) if you supplement the exo discount

For more information:

Employers Employees


Every company with one or more establishments on exo’s territory* is eligible

*The company must have a minimum of ten employees who are ready to subscribe to the OPUS+ entreprise program.


Flexible terms

  • As soon as you sign up as an employer, your employees can sign up online easily and quickly!
  • Employees must register before the 10th day of the month to receive a loaded OPUS card for the following month.
  • Your participating employees can change their membership free of charge.
  • A membership can be cancelled for free after a period of 12 consecutive months. The OPUS+ entreprise membership has no limits on duration. However, employers and employees who subscribe to the program must be enrolled for at least 12 consecutive months to be eligible for the 16.67%  monthly discount.


Transit fares offered in Greater Montréal

All regular fare TRAM and TRAIN passes and all regular fare passes from the following transit agencies are available:


List of fares offered for OPUS+ entreprise (PDF)


The STM offers its own membership program: OPUS & Cie.

For more information on the programs or to sign up, contact our Customer Service or one of the following two Greater Montréal Transportation Management (CGD): Voyagez Futé - MOBA


The OPUS + and OPUS + entreprise subscriptions are offered by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain, responsible for the planning, financing and pricing of services in the metropolitan area. Exo Customer Service will answer all your questions.


*Conditions may apply.

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